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Car Insurance Quote For Insurance Of All Risk

Car insurance quote Vehicle transport is us who need our care and we protect especially cars that cost hundreds of millions of rupiah. Moreover, you are always busy with work or task that requires you always traveling by car every day. Vehicle insurance companies usually always offer 2 types of vehicle insurance products are automobile insurance all risk and insurance total loss only.

Car Insurance Quote For Insurance Of All Risk

Car insurance quote all risk can endure all kinds of risk of losses that hit your car as damage reaches 80% - 90% or more, bear the losses resulting loss due to theft or other things and many other losses that may be incurred by this type of insurance all risk is, While the total loss only will only bear the risk of loss of vehicle alone, for the gravity of the damage insurance products total loss only will not bear it.

The importance of insuring your vehicles and assets owned by considering the ever increasing level of crime, theft, robbery and even recently sticking and many reported that the robber. It is important for you to insure your vehicle as soon as possible because if the loss due to theft will be directly paid by the insurance company. Then it should be emphasized first what benefits of car insurance.

1# Provide a sense of comfort and safety

No need any more dag dig dug when driving on the highway. That feeling disappeared because there is no guarantee of insurance risk events while driving.

2# Prevent experienced a large loss

When it was official car automatically insured all the risks that would occur with a vehicle and the owner switched to the insurance company. Financial loss can be suppressed.

3# Keep the value of the vehicle

Vehicle price is not cheap. Thus, a guarantee insurance value fixed assets. Anything happens with the vehicle insurance that returns the value of the vehicle as before. Compare when the car wrecked continue to be sold, it must depreciate.

4# The personal service

Free towing service has become a standard automobile insurance facility.
When experiencing an emergency, the insurance company can help. For example: a free 24-hour towing service, mechanic, and others. [Read: Repair and Insurance: Vehicle Insurance Considerations Take]

So what is car insurance?

Motor Vehicle Insurance is an insurance product that protects the insured losses from the risk of loss that may arise in connection with the ownership and use of motor vehicles.
In short, car insurance that guarantees the risk of loss or damage to the vehicle. The start of a collision risk, evil deeds of others, theft, fire and lightning strike. Surely the reimbursement in accordance with the conditions set forth in the policy of Indonesian Automotive.

Type of car insurance coverage

Broadly speaking, the type of car insurance coverage is divided into two namely:

Comprehensive / All Risk

This type of offer guarantees all kinds of damage to the vehicle either minor or major. All damage trivial matter such as vehicle body blisters grazed, mirrors broken, stop lamp broke, and so forth, replaced the insurer.

Total lost only (TLO)

This insurance only guarantees the replacement of vehicles damaged when the total reaches above 70%. In addition it also provides a replacement if the vehicle becomes the target of a criminal act of theft or robbery of car insurance quote.

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